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SAVE THE DATE for the 2017 Fall Workshop!
September 29th - October 1, 2017

Examples of some of the sessions are: 
  • Leakey Cemetery Tour: Visit a historic landmark, "Leakey Cemetery" and be part of a fascinating

    tour, while gathering insights about who is buried at this cemetery. Some graves date back to as

    early as the 1600's. What intrigued events accrued to bring about this demise. Let’s do the research

    and leave with some interesting facts about who is buried, what were the burial dates, and possibly

    what was the cause of death. Session Presenter: Karen Howden, Corpus Christi Texas

  • Let's Get Caching: Welcome to a high-tech scavenger hunt with the use of a smartphone, GPS, and

    writing instrument. Experience the Earth in a different way, through a scavenger’s eye. One will be

    coming across some treasure like no other. TEKS: 116.23 (b)(1)(H); 116.24(b)(1)(H); 116.53(c)(3)(A)

    Presenters: Mary Lou Trinidad, Lecturer, Health & Human Performance Department, College of

    Health Affairs at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and Ytszel Trinidad, full-time after school

    coach for IDEA Public Schools-IDEA McAllen

  • Shark-ology! Join us and appreciate a good program on sharks, those fearsome creatures

    portrayed as evil villains at the movies? Sharks fit the model of survival with their keen senses and

    ability to survive for millions of years. This program will give teachers hands on activities to do in the

    classroom on the sharks' senses and their ability to be the apex predators they are! Presenter:

    Randy Slayton, Texas State Aquarium, Home School and Sea Camp Coordinator,


  • Mountain Biking: Participants will learn basic mountain biking/riding skills, topics. Topics include

equipment, skills, and safety. As a group we will ride new mountain bike trails recently developed at

HEB camp. Bikes provided, Helmets Provided (or bring your own). Presenter: Lisa Robins

  • Tin Can and Oven Cooking: In this session participants will learn how to construct a tin can stove

    and a box oven. Use your tin can stove or box oven to cook/bake quick and easy recipes that anyone

    can learn. This will certainly be a yummy session! Presenter: Chris Lopez, certified Chef, Texas

    Culinary Academy, Austin, outdoor enthusiast and avid nature photographer,


2017 Fall Workshop Information

2017 Fall Workshop 

2017 Fall Workshop